Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Prayer

O Lord,give me patience and strength
To deal with this day
And all it's obstacles that would lead me
Away from Your path

Help me to learn new things and keep them in my heart
And to use them towards Your glory
To be faithful in my studies
Of both school and your word

What ink and paper and tongue cannot teach
Only You can do so!
Help me to learn from You and to listen to You!

I pray for my teammates in my swim team
Help them to be respectful and listen to the coach
Help them to get faster and to win medals
Help me to deal with them

I pray for the troublemakers
Teach them the error of their ways
And give me patience to endure their loudness

Most of all,Lord,help the coaches
For they have to deal with us
And teach us
When they can be doing something else with their time

I pray for my father
As a father and a pastor I pray for him
Give him strength to deal with each day
For I know sometimes I give him grief

I pray for my mother
As the wife of a pastor and the mom of two daughters
Help her to get through each day with grace
And let her know that we love her,no matter how mean we are

I pray for my sister
As I've known her from her first day
Help me to be patient with her and to be kind and gracious to her
Avert all cruel words from my mouth

I pray for the one you have prepared for me
As I hope to meet him and be with him
Keep him safe and secure
Help me to love him when I find him