Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm a secret Megatron fan and now you all know it. Sheez,what is up with me an humanizing the Transformers? OH WELL.
I like how his suit turned out. I was almost tempted to give him a Stalin mustache because...Eh. It would have ruined his image anyway. The scar was last minute because of a shading mistake. So my brain was like: Let's give him this ultra-cool scar and then moan about how we can't fix the shading because we totally suck?
And I was like: Lol,okay,brain.
Shading white is hard. Shading white shirts are hard. Shading thin white shirts are hard. Shading is hard PERIOD. This? This is Starscream,who is the Decepticon I absolutely love. And I like pail skin.
Did you know that semi-muscular guys are incredibly hard for me to draw??

Geez,I love digital painting. Okay! This kinda,sorta started out as a style-test. Then it turned into a gigantic mess after I decided to paint it,but accidentally saved it with a background and not transparent. But,now it's here,painted,and beautiful. I wanted to do a human Sunstreaker because....I like gold.